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Kiss Blooming Lash BLACK (Camellias)

Regular price $5.50

Got to love the fluff on KISS Blooming Camellias Lashes! This natural pattern style false lashes comes with the perfect fluff for added thickness for an accentuated flare. Camellias Lashes are striklying stunning multi-layered lashes that accentuate your natural eyelashes for a perfect blend of glam. Get ready for a closed-up from this simply pretty and strikingly stunning false eyelashes, Blooming Lash Collection by KISS are delicately hand-crafted to deliver flourishing layers of lashes on a single lash band for ultra-glamourous and naturally voluminous look.

Blooming Lash Camellias:
  • Adds dimensional whisps to natural lashes
  • Created with Multi-Angle Technology
  • Adds length, depth & volume
  • Easy-to-apply lashes

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