Andrea Wax Strips for the Body (20 Applications)

Andrea Wax Strips for the Body (20 Applications)

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Dare to be bare! Andrea Wax Strips for the Body is the professional method to remove hair from any part of the body in the comfort of your own home! Leaves your skin satiny smooth and beautiful. Lift away undesirable hair in seconds, all the way to the roots. No need for tweezers, electrolysis or harsh creams. You get the same beautiful results as a salon waxing for 2-3 carefree weeks. It's as easy as press on and peel off!
  • Get smooth long-lasting results at home
10 Double Sided Wax Strips (20 Applications), Skin Soothing Creme

Before separating the wax strips, rub between your hands for approximately 15 seconds to warm wax well. Simply press on and pull off. Follow with Body Creme provided.

Can be used in numerous places- underarms, arms, bikini line, legs, tummy, nape of neck upper lip, chin, eyebrows, and center brow. Please note: underarms, bikini line and face are sensitive areas. Use hair removal strips on those areas only when you have perfected the technique elsewhere. Always read instructions provided carefully before starting.

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