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Andrea Individual Singles Lashes SHORT BLACK

Andrea Individual Singles Lashes SHORT BLACK

Regular price $3.50

Andrea Permalash Individual Lashes Regular Knotted Singles Short Black: a few strands of slightly flared lashes grouped together for easy length and volume customization.
  • Permanent curled, waterproof, weightless, and easy to apply
  • Comfortable and durable, lasts up to six weeks
  • Each package contains 88 short individual lashes
  • Perfect for filling in sparse areas of your lashline
  • Length is approx. 8mm long
Best use to enhance length, subtly increase lash thickness for perfectly separated looking lashes.

Achieve celebrity-length long, lustrous lash look without mascara in just minutes with Andrea Permalash Regular Individual Lashes! Designed for easy application. Each package contains 88 easy to apply short Andrea individual single lashes. Unlike regular false lashes that attach to your eyelid in a solid strip that only lasts a day, single eyelash extensions can last much longer. These lashes have a single strip of lash that is slightly flared. They are highly customizable, permanently curled, weightless, waterproof, and fasten to your own lashes comfortablely!

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