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Andrea Curl Mega Flare Individuals Combo Pack

Regular price $3.50

Andrea Curl Mega Flare Individuals Combo Pack are high-quality thicker, ultra wide individuals criss-cross to use to easily customize and accent every eye shape and color and design for fuller, more dramatic lashes. Lashes are 25% wider at the end than a standard individual for a major flutter effect!

Style: Natural to Glamour
  • Most Voluminous individual lashes
  • Length is approx. 10mm long
  • Contain 56 Medium length Knot Free Clusters
  • Knot-free for a subtle, most natural seamless look

Each Combo pack comes with a total of 56 flare knotted individual black lash clusters (features 14 short clusters and 42 medium clusters so you can create full lash looks, accent the outer corner, or even add to a favorite strip lash):

  • 1 row of Flare Short Black lashes
  • 2 rows of Flare Medium Black lashes
  • 1 row of Flare Long Black lashes

Andrea Curl Mega individuals (65715) have 25 lash fiber strands per lash cluster compared to 10 strands in a regular individuals. Each knot-free easy to apply lash cluster is designed perfectly shaped and arranged to give striking effects perfect to bring out dramatically intense eyes. Add extra flare & volume with added wispy effect.

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