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Andrea Accent Lash 315 BLACK

Regular price $3.50

Andrea Accents is a collection of little (half) baby accent style false eyelashes. Andrea Accent 315 lashes will change the way you look at faux lashes forever. Eye Accents were designed to enhance your look by not creating new new. They are half the length of typical strip eyelashes and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes to give your eyes a little boost.

#315 accents lashes (23307) are:
  • 100% human hair lashes
  • Enhances your look
  • Fool-proof application
Lash Size Chart
  • Lash Band Length = 1.5cm
  • Inner hair length = 7mm
  • Mid point hair length = 10mm
  • Outer corner hair length = 12mm

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