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2 Foot Lash Planogram Display

2 Foot Lash Planogram Display

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Features & Benefits:

The Ardell 2 foot planogram includes everything needed to create an impactful presentation of Ardell lashes on a 2 ft wide x 5'5" height space of pegboard lash wall. An optimized assortment, analyzed and selected for your customer's needs, includes a variety of Ardell strip lashes, individual lashes, adhesives and multipacks. There are 68 different SKU's with a total of 397 units.

The 2 Foot Planogram Includes the Following:

● Header graphic with Ardell branding to mount to the top of the lash wall

● 4 bullnose channels and channel graphics to segment the categories

● Peg wall hooks

● All product necessary to fill a 2 foot lash wall

● Adhesive tray to merchandise large size individual adhesives bottles

● Instruction guide with detailed instructions on lash wall set-up

● Reorder labels for easy product reordering and restocking

● * Pegboard wall not included

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