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Kiss i-ENVY Luxe Flare BLACK (Medium)

Regular price $9.95

KISS i-ENVY Luxe Individual Black MEDIUM Multi-Pack (KPEM02B) contains 4 packs of Kiss i-ENVY Individual Lashes LUXE Medium Short.  Individual Lashes LUXE Black Medium are darker individual flare clusters that add definition, depth, and luxurious volume to your eyes as desired. The “Mini Knot” technology allows for a more natural look at the lash line.

Kiss Premium Eyelashes:
  • Contains 4 packs of Ind LUXE Black Medium (KPE02B)
  • Comes in Medium length lash clusters
  • Especially great for eyeshapes: (All), Small Eyes, Large Eyes, Round Eyes, Almond-Shaped Eyes
  • Ideal for occasions: Daily use, Prom, Wedding, Party, Night out

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