LASH beLONG CLEAR Semi-Permanent Medical Grade Adhesive 5ml


The patented LASH beLONG™ Professional CLEAR Semi-Permanent Adhesive (5ml) is gentle and provides the strongest hold to hold up your client's lash or volume extensions. 

Unlike other cheap adhesives, Lash beLong adhesive is Medical Grade and provides long lasting, superior hold that will last and last.

The primary ingredient in Lash beLong Adhesive is the same substance used for suture-less wound closure (closing wounds without the use of stitches). Primary ingredient is butyl-esters based  which are safer and costlier to produce than other professional adhesives on the market. 

Key Features:

  • Semi-permanet, medical grade formula
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Lasts the entire life of an eyelash, approx 6 weeks
  • Lightweight and Virtually odorless
  • Contains NO Formaldehyde
  • No sealers or primers needed