LASH be LONG Lash (Extension Mini Kit)


Lash Be Long Lash Extension Mini Kit

Professional eyelashes to give your clients the look they desire!

The perfect kit for beginners, the Lash Be Long Lash Extension Mini Kit contains lash extensions and accessories for your client’s needs. Whether you want to stock up or get started at professional lash application, help to fulfil your client’s desires for beautiful lashes.

  • Black 8mm Lash Extensions 4,000 ct
  • Black 10mm Lash Extensions 4,000 ct
  • Black Semi Permanent Medical Grade Adhesive 5ml
  • Adhesive Remover 14ml
  • Practice Strip Lashes 1 set
  • Disposable Lash Brush/Comb 25ct
  • Lash Cushions 5 pk
  • Moisturizing Eye Gel Pads 4ct
  • Medical Tape 1ct
  • LASHcare instructions 25pk

Professional lash adhesive should not contact your client's skin and is designed to bond lash extensions to the client's natural eyelashes.  The correct placement of single lash extensions is 1mm - 2mm from the skin of the eyelid.