Ardell 101 BLACK (Multipack)


With the 101 Demi Multi pack, you receive 4 pairs of 101 Demi Lashes in one easy package!

*NEW* Buy in Bulk and save even more!*  Select the Quantity Range you will be purchasing from the drop down menu to get your pricing, and then select or enter the exact number of multipacks you would like to purchase in the dropdown menu or leave the drop down menu set to Ardell 101 Multipack.

Bulk Discount:

Buy 1-3 Packs:    $8.95 /multipack

Buy 4-7 Packs:     $8.75/multipack

Buy 8-11 Packs:   $8.50/multipack

Buy 12-19 Packs:  $8.25/multipack

Buy 20+ Packs:     $8.00/multipack